Panguna Landowners call for their 17.4% in BCL shares

Members of the Panguna Development Company Limited (PDCL) have conducted a number of consultations with the 9 mine affected landowner associations to discuss a way forward for the people of Panguna and the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) to work cooperatively.

At a meeting on 17 December the representatives of 8 landowner associations endorsed a series of resolutions, including one that relates to the pledge of the National Government to transfer 17.4% of its shares in Bougainville Copper Limited to Bougainville. The landowners resolved that these shares be distributed amongst the 9 mine affected landowner associations.

In a further resolution the landowners expressed full support for the awarding of Exploration License EL01 for Panguna to BCL, given it is today a company 36.4% owned by the people of Bougainville.

The landowners have also recommended that additional village liaison officer(s) from outside of the Panguna mine tenement be appointed by BCL, to represent the other mine affected areas. They would also like to see the reactivation of the popular Bougainville Copper Foundation scholarship program which had been deferred for new applicants and the extension of BCL’s community project support programme. The mine affected landowner associations have also agreed to hold regular monthly meetings.

The resolutions were delivered on February 4th 2021, by PDCL Chairman Michael Pariu to;

- President Ishmael Toroama

- Central Regional Veterans Member Junior Dakei

- ABG Mining Minister Rodney Osioco

- Ioro 1 Community Government Chairman Chief Martin Misimuko

- ABG MHR Mathias Salas

- ABG Finance and Treasury Minister Thomson Kitovea

- ABG Minister for Education Theonilla Roka Matbob

- ABG Minister for DPI Geraldine Paul

- ABG Vice President Patrick Nisira

- Chairman for Central Parliamentary Committee Justin Borgia

“The Panguna mine can play an important part in Bougainville’s future and we are keen to work with the ABG to put in place a proper and responsible process for its reopening. We look forward to hearing the feedback of President Toroama and the other members of the ABG who have received our resolutions and discussing things further,” PDCL Chairman Michael Pariu said.

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