Years ago we were sold a PLAN disguised as a system we all must follow, to sell our time by the hour for what the market offers us and if someone offers better, move to the greener pasture but keep selling your time. 

Years pass by, our income vs our expenses becomes imbalanced then the Dinau system kicked in, commercially we accepted it as 'Loans' and streetwise we call it 'Loan Sharks'. And slowly but surely this PLAN kills us because we hold the plan that the only way to make money is to get a job.

The asians came selling rise and stew, lamb flaps and coke and made money every hour 7 days a week, they made money without forcing us to put it in their cash tills. Then we called them names, critisized them because they followed a plan we were not taught. They kept to their plan and opened the biggest supermarkets in our country and everyday we put cash in their tills without them forcing us.... And we still call them evil people.

When we want something better we call this STARTING A NEW PLAN.

So the moral of the story of life is - What Plan did you sign up for?
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