Growing up I was exposed to the influence that 'Money is bad, never aspire to be rich because money is bad'....

Later on I began to realize money is a seed or a tool and carries no action of its own. My father used the term 'Emotional Inteligence' and linked this to anxiety.... Anxiety being the effect of influence of beliefs to money itself.

I watched him meet with all kinds of people, Politicians, Church Leaders, Village Leaders, Experts and ordinary people. He would say 'because I had emotional intelligence not to eat all my seeds, to pay a price to multiply my seeds, people who have little will always come tome to ask for money. One day they can critisize and Judge me and the next make an appointment to meet with me to request I donate or help them with money'. And he gave and gave and gave.

When he fell, the very people he had helped, because they could not multiply the seeds he gave them, they fled and never came to aid him. He would say 'Its ok, I didn't give to them to expect from them, I gave because we all need to help ideas and missions people have to achieve be achieved'.

So a good lesson in life this was, and remember that in your own journeys through life. People decide how money is used and what it creates, Never blame money itself - A bush knife or gun is not a murderer, it is the person that holds it that is its MASTER.
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