Qualifying for Business and jobs

Qualify for EMPLOYEE
For the employment market of income generation you must qualify by academic knowledge achieving certificate levels to your field of choice. This is a wage level income system where you will be positioned in a HR structure and at best overtime work your way upwards. Someone pays your wages.

Qualify for SOLO Business
For Solo business income generation you must qualify by talent and passion with skills. This is a wage income system where you pay yourself and are in the economic structure of services needed in the market. Your are it, no team.

Qualify - BUSINES
For team Business systems income generation you must qualify in leadership qualities to work with groups of people. This is a profit orientated system where you are not limited to a wage level but your profits are based on a team of people who perform by your leadership. Here you will engage in a distribution structure within the economic structures of good or services to the market place.

Qualify - Investor
For an investment income generation system you must qualify in knowledge of investment and investment returns. This is a passive profit system that requires you to have surplus cash to invest into passive systems. Here you are in the economic structure of services or products needed in the market place which you buy into but not work in.

The common factor of all is your knowledge and abilities to create a cash flow to yourself through services you provide. All fields require the investment of time & energy, employment however is the only field in which the sale itself of products and services is fundamentally YOU. Every contract is subject to an offer, negotiation and agreement of purchase price to the SALE of your time, your energy and your knowledge.

As we build Human Capital it is important to have an entry level of understanding the 'Sale' process, what is being sold and for what field of income generation itself.

You have to qualify yourself by knowledge in each area of income generation. 

Thereafter, it is up to you as to how you use the income you have primarily generated, to consume or to put this back to work in creating cash flow systems - Banks call this re-investment into assets that create income. Where a bank see's your habits are to investment into liabilities, they do not value you as much as a client and your fall into the catagory of 'Bank Consumer' not 'Customer' and they have services for this group, you will see them with your own eye as 'Bank Lines' where it can take hours to be served.

Qualify to Banks
To qualify as valuable to the Bank you have to have knowledge on how money works and whether you are consuming it or putting it to work.

Hope this gives you an idea of how to become valuable to both the market place and to your personal financial well being. There are no dress rehearsals to living.... Just one day at a time practices where practice makes perfect. RICH become perfectly rich by investing in knowledge and assets. Broke become perfectly broke by investing just time and energy to clock in clock out following instructions, Poor become perfectly poor by holding hands singing Kumbaya and not working in anyway to sustain eating.

Knowledge is your best investment to qualify yourself and live well.
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