Nasaucoko villagers in Fiji count benefits

Maciu Malo | The Fiji Times

LANDOWNERS have been urged to give their land and resources to investors or government for development purposes, says Nasaucoko, Navosa, landowner Naibuka Vaude.

Mr Vaude is the turaga ni yavusa Matatini, whose land is being used for manganese mining in Nasaucoko.

He said Nasaucoko villagers who gave their land were benefitting financially.

“Navosa has abundant land and Nasaucoko resources surrounding the area which were not tapped for years,” Mr Vaude said.

He urged landowners to make use of abundant untapped land and resources.

“It is through these developments that will bring infrastructure developments like road, health and education to villages in the remote areas of Navosa.”

Mr Vaude said manganese mining had improved the standard of living in the village.

He said students had secured free education from kindergarten to tertiary level while the transport for the sick was provided by the mining company.
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