What should I do with money?

A good question!

Firstly your happiness comes from experiences you can freely engage in during your life time, it doesn't come from money itself... Money represents a tool of trade in material services, services that enable you to experience life beyond what you may be used to.

If your sole purpose to make money is to put food on the table, then that is the limitation you place upon what you will receive.

Dreams are beyond physical things, they can inspire, drive and satisfy your happiness on achieving them.

So put your money to assets that form your duty of service to people, then discipline yourself to work on achieving your dreams you have written down as your goals - House, Car, Travel, take your family on new experiences and so on.

First fullfill your duty to mankind, then take the time to work your dreams of living a good life!

That's one way you can use your money. If your happy though to consume it, then do that, either way Master Your Own Money.
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