PNG PM Marape in Enga Province for Porgera Mine talks

 PNG PRIME Minister James Marape says he will be in Enga today to discuss the reopening of the Porgera gold mine with landowners and provincial government.

Responding to The National on the delay in reopening the mine, Marape said concerned landowners and the provincial government had yet to agree on the beneficiary split between themselves.

PM Marape in Enga 

“Next week, I am supposed to go up to meet all the landowners and the provincial government on the benefit sharing,” he said in Alotau last week.

“Barrick and Kumul (Minerals Holdings Ltd) are ready to move to the next level but the shareholder agreement is being held back by landowners represented under the trust company MRE (Mineral Resources Enga).

“They want some amendments to be made, especially in terms of the 15 per cent benefit sharing.

“Barrick and Kumul are of the view that we go to an equity or benefit sharing forum and the rest of the landowners must give their consent.”

Marape said he had assured the developers that all parties had agreed that the landowners and provincial government would get 15 per cent and Kumul on behalf of the state would get 36 per cent.

“I’m visiting Enga on the June 20,” he said.

“I hope to get the consent from concerned parties on the ground in Enga that if you do not agree on the 15 per cent benefit split, don’t hold back the mine’s progress.

“Allow Kumul and Barrick to progress.

“Everything is set.

“It is just the landowners and the provincial government that are yet to agree among themselves on how to split the benefit, and some other legacy issues of the old Porgera,” he said.

The National / Pacific Mining Watch

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