PNG Government tells Twinza to meet conditions

 Papua New Guinea PETROLEUM Minister Kerenga Kua says Twinza Oil Ltd has been given two things to comply with, otherwise negotiations for the Pasca A offshore gas project will be put off after Oct 15.

He said Twinza must sign the non-disclosure agreement, and have key people involved in the negotiations to be in the country by Oct 15.

Papua New Guinea PETROLEUM Minister Kerenga Kua
Papua New Guinea PETROLEUM Minister Kerenga Kua

“The State has demanded Twinza two things,” Kua said.

“One is that they must submit to signing non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement, similar to what ExxonMobil has signed to have validity over the period of negotiations only.

“We demanded that because they have a habit of going to the press at every corner.

“We believe that when you are in negotiation phase, you should not destroy the confidentiality of the negotiations and diluting your good faith element by running to the media and negotiating your case in the media and public forum all the time.

“Therefore we required them to sign a confidentiality agreement before the negotiations resume.

“Secondly, we are asking that people with the highest authority to close a deal, who are now presently based in Australia, to come to Papua New Guinea and negotiate face to face with the state negotiating team members.

“For them to operate by remote control is confusing the whole process.

“It doesn’t provide for a smooth flow of negotiations.

“We’ve given them a deadline of Oct 15. If on, or before Oct 15, they’ve got these things assembled, then we’ve got the potential of re-engaging.

“But if either of these condition precedents are not achieved, that will be end of the negotiations.

“We will withdraw from the negotiations and it will be up to the petroleum advisory board to make a determination on the application which is still pending before them.”

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