Yamo Alluvial Mining Expands operations in Bulolo, PNG

 AN alluvial miner in Bulolo, Morobe Province, PNG has started his operation on a large scale and urged the people to follow his example.

Meka Yamo, the owner of Yamo Alluvial Mining started the operation on Wednesday witnessed by Mining Minister Johnson Tuke and Mineral Resources Authority managing director Jerry Garry.

Yamo was granted an alluvial mining licence and environment permit in 2019 for his mining lease (ML) 515.

He started the operation last year.

Yamo will now use an excavator and dump truck to expand the operation.

“We are continuing alluvial mining practices started by our forefathers (and) haven’t changed,” he said.

“We have been conducting the activities on a small scale and are not budgeting to help us grow.”

Morobe mining adviser Robin Kiki said big mining companies also started small.

He said the provincial government would support alluvial mining by helping alluvial miners.

Garry surged tenement holders to study Yamo’s success story by saving money to expand their business.

Tuke challenged the people to contribute to national development.

Source : The National / Pacific Mining Watch

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