PNG Mining Minister says awareness and validation exercises to prepare locals for forum

 MINING Minister Johnson Tuke says the awareness and validation exercise for the landowners of special mining lease (SML) 11 of the Porgera gold project in Enga is to prepare them for the mining development forum.

The awareness exercise in Porgera valley conducted by a Government team will run from today to Friday.

The validation exercise will be from July 26 to Aug 3.

The exercises will enable agents from the 25 sub-clans to participate in the forum.

Tuke told The National that Government agencies were readily available but the landowner component was the most critical one.

“Once the licence has expired, almost everything that’s surrounding the lease expired,” he said.

He said the vetting process would involve the landowners of the SML11’s ancillary tenements for mining leases and mining easements.

“In the past, they enjoyed the benefits of compensation but this time we want to involve them as a stakeholder,” he said.

“Since 1988, they have identified clan leaders to represent them in the proceedings.

“Now, it has expired.

“It is up to them to decide whether to retain them or to change the land agents.

“What we’re trying to do is to understand if they want to continue with the old agents or get someone new.

“We want to seek their consent and explain to them that the Government process to reopen the mine is a bit cumbersome.

“But we need to develop a conscience where we all agree to

reopen the mine as quick as possible.”

The National / Pacific Mining Watch 

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