PNG's MRA to table assessment on Wafi-Golpu Mining project

 A technical team from Papua New Guinea (PNG) Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) will soon be tabling an assessment on the details regarding construction of the Wafi-Golpu Mining project to the mining advisory council (MAC), an official says.

MRA managing director Jerry Garry told The National yesterday that this should happen at the end of this month.

“Permitting of a special mining lease for large projects will require a different pathway than permitting a medium scale to small scale mine under the mining lease,” he said.

“For special mining lease, requires three distinct pathways for permitting.

“One, the environmental permitting is a mandatory requirement and is done independently through the environment act under the custody of Conservation and Environment Protection Authority (Cepa).

“That process has been done and Cepa has issued the environment permit for Wafi-Golpu project.

“The other is technical, from the mining perspective.

“That includes looking at structures to be built on the ground, the roads the buildings, the processing plants.

“Because it will be an underground operation, we will also look at designs to critically ensure that the integrity of the structures and any development met the expected standards.

“Once that is done and we are satisfied, we will give the green light for them to go and construct.

“During construction, we also provide that oversight to ensure that it is done safely.

“We have looked at all the proposals.

“Our technical team is about to table the technical assessment to MAC for the council to deliberate on. We anticipate that process to conclude by at least end of March.”

Garry added that if it goes to the MAC and the council was satisfied, then it (council) would deliberate on the application.

He said third stream was the mining development contract.

“It’s between the State and developer to go by the books in terms of the benefits and any fiscal stability that they want.

“When that is locked in, then we have a lower level called a development forum which will then involve MRA and State team to negotiate with the provincial government, LLGs and landowners in terms of benefits.”

Source : The National / Pacific Mining Watch

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