Staff Travel cancelled following Coronavirus : Ramu NiCo

RAMU NiCo Management (MCC) Ltd in Papua New Guinea  has put a temporary stop to its Chinese employees travelling from China from their break as a control measure to stop the spread of Coronavirus into the country, according to the Company management.

Vice President of Ramu NiCo, Mr. Wang Baowen said serious consideration have been taken to secure public safety as well as the safety of its national and Chinese employees.

“Our Chinese employees who supposed to leave for their break have been cancelled since Jan 20, 2020 till now until further notice. Those who should return from their break have been advised to stay back in China until further notice,”

“We are communicating very closely with the Chinese Embassy in Port Moresby and we understand an official media statement will be delivered soon depicting the official stand of the Chinese Government towards assisting PNG,”

“At our operational level, we take these immediate measures. We wish to work closely with the Madang Provincial Government and the provincial health authority, all government agencies including Immigration and Citizenship Authority, National Agriculture and Quarantine Inspection Authority, Immigration and Health Departments to address the epidemic,” Mr. Wang Baowen said.

The Vice President said the temporary stop to the staff travel to and from China will not affect the normal operation of the Project.

“Our operation capacity and production output remains healthy. There is no negative impact including time and financial loss,”

“We will maintain a high standard of safety work practice by working closely with the Health, Safety and Environment department and ensure all legal compliance measures are met” Mr. Wang said.

He said Ramu NiCo management is mindful of the repercussion the virus will have on the people and the country’s economy and will do all it can as a responsible corporate body to support the state agencies.

“We understand that the National Government is currently taking various control measure to ensure the virus does not enter the country,”

“We stand ready to support the government and its agencies. The best we can do now is to put a temporary stop to our staff flying to and from China. We are contacting the Chinese Embassy on how we can work together,” Mr. Wang said.

He appealed to his staff at Kurumbukari Mine, Basamuk Plant and Madang Base not to panic as every control measures are in place to ensure the health and safety of all staff.

(Caption: Mining operation at KBK Mine and Basamuk Refinery as shown in this picture of Basamuk Refinary is normal while the company is putting a temporary stop to its Chinese employees travelling to and from China.)


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