PNG Petroleum and Energy Minister says P’nyang project ‘not ruled out’

Papua New Guinea PETROLEUM and Energy Minister Kerenga Kua says discussions on the P’nyang gas project may be reopened if there is a need to do so.
Kua told a gathering in Port Moresby on Tuesday when delivering 12 key performance indicators for the department for this year.
“First, we might consider the future potential and reengagement in the P’nyang negotiations,” he said.
“That’s an option that is still out there, it has not been ruled out.
“If an opportunity pops up, it will be part of our KPIs to take that into our hands and work it through proper protocols.
“Second, the Government wants us to reform the entirety of the Oil and Gas Act.
“Based on the advice we have received, they say that it will be necessary to amend our Organic Law and then we proceed to the enactment of the Oil and Gas Act itself.
“We are making reasonably good progress in that space. So we are looking at a new Organic Law and a new Oil and Gas Act.
“In there we will look at areas like equity split, production sharing arrangements, domestic market obligation, national content, adequate forex and new fees and charges.
“Thirdly, we will be looking at creating a new Energy Authority under its own enabling legislation – the Energy Authority Act.”
Kua highlighted other KPIs.

The National/PacificMiningWatch

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