PNG's Ramu NICO to work with Third Party investigation

THE only nickel and cobalt miner in PNG, Ramu NiCo Management (MCC) Ltd is ready to work with the state sanctioned third party investigation team into the August 24 slurry spill, according to the Company.

Deputy General Manager of Community Affairs with Ramu NiCo, Albert Tobe made this known during the recent PNG Mining & Petroleum Conference in Port Moresby.

According to a statement, Mr Tobe says the findings from the government sanctioned investigation will put to rest all the unnecessary allegations.

He claims a total of 200 000 litres of slurry was overflowed from the neutralisation surge tank on the 24 August, 120 000 litres of these spilled slurry were contained within the bund area and emergency reserve pond and only 80 000 litres reached the sea.

He adds the slurry does not pose any immediate threat to the environment as stated by the company’s scientific investigation, including CEPA indicated no harm to the marine lives.

Mr. Tobe said the Company has immediately responded during the slurry spill by identifying the cause of the failure and resetting the frequency convertor to restore normalcy to the pump output at the time.

He further stated that the company is also taking corrective actions to avoid occurrence of such incidents in the future including complying with orders from both MRA and CEPA to correct this incident and improve on our operational requirements.”

Mr. Tobe also highlighted during the conference that Ramu Nickel Mine is one of the few mines in this country effectively implementing its rehabilitation and re-vegetation program at the mine area, simultaneously whilst mining the ore at it’s Kurumbukari Mine.

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