Ramu Nickle Mine's Basamuk Processing Plant ordered to shut down

The Ramu NiCo Management (MCC) Limited’s Basamuk Processing Plant in Papua New Guinea has been ordered to shut down operations on Monday 21st October because it failed to adequately rectify defects identified and recommended for by the PNG Mineral Resources Authority’s (MRA) Mines Inspectorate.

Some of the defects identified by the inspectorate following investigations into the slurry over flow incident, include; Incompetency of operators; Inadequate bund capacity; Inadequate spillage containment system; Inadequate maintenance of instrumentation and machines among others.

The resumption of operations will depend upon the successful completion of the remedial works.

The Chief Inspector of Mines Mr. Lave Michael has appealed to the Mining Industry to comply with laws and protect mine employees from hazardous and high risk operations.

MRA Managing Director Mr. Jerry Garry says MRA’s mines inspectors occupy statutory positions within MRA and their operations are independent and is based on the Mining Safety Act.

He appealed to Ramu NiCo Management (MCC) Limited and the wider industry to observe laws of the country while operating. FM100/PMW

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