Chinese Owned Ramu Nickel Mine in PNG 'poisoning' marine Life : Report

A finding report produced by a group of international environmental scientist engaged by the Madang Provincial Government, into the environmental impacts of the controversial Ramu Nickel Mine has revealed an alarming result.

The scientists, led by Dr Alex Mojon, a Petroleum and Mining Geologist and Oil Spill Response Consultant from Switzerland, found toxic contamination in all 28 samples collected from the water, plants and soil in and around the surrounding areas of the Krumbukari Mine and Basamuk.

Dr Alex Mojon revealed the findings
Dr Alex Mojon revealed the findings today in the presence of a disappointed Madang Governor Peter Yama, whose Provincial Government funded the environmental study.

Dr Mojon says the contamination found in the environmental study is evident enough to show that even prior to the slurry spill, the Ramu Nickel Mine was not managing its waste in a proper manner, posing a great environmental risk to the people in the surrounding communities.

This environmental impact study was initially conducted prior to the slurry spill last month with samples sent to Germany for results.

A second study was also conducted by Dr Mojon’s team into the slurry spill with samples sent overseas and Dr Mojon says results will be ready by tomorrow.

Madang Governor Peter Yama says based on the catastrophic findings from the first report and results from the second one to be released this week, he has engaged lawyer Ben Lomai to look at the possibility of filing a case against Ramu Nickel for a possible temporary closure of the mine.

Governor Yama is challenging Prime Minister James Marape to support the Provincial Government on its decision and take a bold stand, adding while the mine may be seen as an economic advantage for the country; it cannot come at the cost of his people’s lives.

Yama is protesting not to attend this session of Parliament until the national government seriously unites with him in this fight to protect the lives of his people who are now affected by the slurry spill at Ramu Nickel.

The Madang Governor also lashed out at CEPA for delaying the release of its environmental report regarding the spill citing it as professional negligence when people in the affected sites in Madang are suffering from the effects of the spill.

Meantime, Governor Yama says he will be presenting the findings of the Provincial Government funded study to the Prime Minister and the Ministers for Environment and Mining so that they can compare it to the CEPA report once it is released.  FM100/PMW

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