PNG Mineral Resource Development opens K1 million facilities

Mineral Resource Development Company has opened new K1 million-plus facilities at Kutubu in Southern Highlands under its community infrastructure trust (CIT) fund.
These are a double classroom, teaching staff house for Aiio Primary School and health worker accommodation in Yesiku, Kutubu.
The three new buildings were funded through Petroleum Resource Kutubu community infrastructure trust fund, managed by MRDC. Managing-director of MRDC Augustine Mano was in Aiio yesterday to hand over the completed projects, together with PRK directors Johnny Yawari and John Kapi-Natto.
Education and health are priority areas for MRDC Group, which has undertaken several projects that are completed and nearing completion in project areas.
Mano said his presence there for the opening was to show the commitment of MRDC and PRK in delivering more community impact projects going forward.
“Those of us in positions of power must aspire to leave legacies that bring change and improve the quality of the lives of our people,” he said.
Mano said despite growing the assets of PRK through various business decisions, his 10 years at MRDC as managing-director would amount to nothing if he did not do anything to change the lives of beneficiaries.
“The four regions of Kutubu -Hekari, Yesiku, Soromoro and Kaipu Sisipia will see more infrastructure projects,” he said.
“We are committed to delivering these with your 30 per cent funds.”
Kapi-Natto vowed to work together with fellow director Mark Sakai to deliver more projects in their area.
The two directors have locked horns over chairmanship of Namo Apo Landowner Association for many years.
“Our issues can be put aside so we can bring services to our people,” Kapi-Natto said. The four regions are the largest beneficiaries in the Kutubu Oil project with a 90 per cent interest shared among 117 incorporated land groups (ILGS).
The MRDC, using the CIT fund, has constructed and completed more than 20 education and health infrastructure (classrooms, health centres, accommodation) in the last two years.
These include the three in Aiio and the recent duplex for Boera Primary School teaching staff. The National

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