MRDC account-opening exercise goes into second phase

Papua New Guiena Mineral Resource Development Company’s account-opening exercise for the PNGLNG Pipeline Segment 7 beneficiaries in Kikori, Gulf, has progressed onto its second phase after completion of a week-long awareness programme.
The team on the ground, led by MRDC and assisted by Department of Petroleum and Energy (DPE) officers, covered 37 clans – the largest of the pipeline segments – to inform them of the process of opening bank accounts and electing their directors.
Mineral Resource Development Company’s Augustine Mano was pleased with the progress made.
He commended the 37 major clan heads for providing leadership to their people to see this programme continue smoothly so they could start to receive royalty and equity benefits from the LNG project.
“The clans took the opportunity to address any issues they had with the process,” Mano said.
“MRDC and DPE resolved those issues and have advised that all the 37 clans are satisfied and looking forward to opening their bank accounts.”
Omati and Kiribi tribes with 16 clans were the first to open their accounts yesterday.
The remaining 35 tribes will follow. Wauro Ounabe, a clan head from Oimati tribe said it had been a long journey for them.

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