Bank of PNG signs agreement to take banking to Mining areas in PNG

BANK of Papua New Guinea and Mineral Resources Authority have signed an agreement to help people living in mine-affected areas open bank accounts as part of a financial inclusion programme.
“The national strategy for financial inclusion has been implemented and is well supported by the Government and all stakeholders in which the Mineral Resource Authority is giving their full support,” said Bank PNG assistant governor Ellison Pidik.
The agreement outlines the goals to be achieved throughout the country, especially having access to affordable financial services.
“Financial services includes knowing how to open bank accounts, banking, having access to banking services being offered by the banks,” Pidik said.
“Like micro banks, savings and loans societies, finance companies and also in terms of having access to credit or loan to be able to generate their small businesses.
“The focus areas of the financial inclusion strategy includes inclusive insurance, digital financial services, financial technology and financial consumer protection among others.
“Consumer protection is to empower small people, the grassroots to have confidence in the services that we provide.” The National

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