Temotu member questions mining as Solomons development option

A member of the Temotu provincial assembly in Solomon Islands says mining is a poor option for the remote province. There is strong opposition in the local community to the activities of Australian company Pacific Bauxite Ltd which last year won a license to prospect for bauxite at Nende.

However the Temotu provincial executive under new premier David Maina recently awarded the company a business license, promising it would foster economic development.

An assembly backbencher, Simon Barclay, said the new executive lacked a policy to properly manage mining.

"And you know, when you're talking about such development, mining is one of the developments that I think would be the last thing to think about here. The landmass here is too small to do such operations," said Simon Barclay.

Mr Barclay said adequate community consultation was not conducted before Pacific Bauxite Ltd was awarded the license.....Radio New Zealand
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