LNG reports no accident on site

ExxonMobil PNG has recorded 63,000,000 hours of no death or injury on project sites.

EMPNG managing director Andrew Barry said this was because the safety of their employees is a number one priority.

Mr Barry stated that ExxonMobil as the operator for the PNG LNG project has invested significantly in the local PNG businesses to help them build long term sustainable businesses.

"We’re humble to see the legacy that the PNG LNG project in PNG. The project is continuing to build intellectual and skills capacity of Papua New Guineans.

Since started we have been focused on safely increasing the efficiency of our operations and enhancing production rates at the Hides Gas conditioning plant and the LNG project.

"As a result our facilities are operating at higher levels of efficiency and reliability well above our expectations," he said.

Mr Barry said this would have not been possible without the strong support of their supplier community as well as other small contracting businesses.

"The achievement that I am most proud of is our safety performance. Since July 2013 we have worked around 63,000,000 hours without a single loss or injury.

"I think that is an amazing achievement and it is the result of all of the hard work that many people put into our organisation as we continue to focus every single day that can be of relevant to any opportunities that you may be involved in," he told the forum.

He said the forum or discussion is very important as it will help them to understand their business that will drive them into the future through working in partnerships with both the local suppliers as well as contract companies.

"I think it’s going to be extremely important and an opportunity for you all here to understand what our expectations are but it is also just as important for us and critically important for us to understand the challenges and the opportunities and the services that you’re able to provide," he said. Post Courier
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