First ever Power, Mining Summit held in the Western Pacific

THE Mining and Power conference that was held in Port Moresby by Pacific Energy Aviation in partnership with Shell is the first in the Western Pacific region.

This conference was held to create awareness on Shell lubricant products that are currently in the PNG market especially to the mining and power industries.

General Manager Henry Elias said because there is a huge potential in the country for the products that they are supplying they decided to have the conference so that it can help to create more awareness on the Shell lubricant products that they have.

Mr Elias said this is the first time that Shell has assisted them with the launching as they have never done that in other countries in the Western Pacific.

"We also want to basically tell the country that Shell is not gone, Shell brand which has been the number one for the last ten years is still here and we are the distributors, we are here and Shell is backing us full time as well as an educational awareness that will also help our customers understand our products better.

"Through this conference also our customers will be aware and pretty much will be attracted to our products which means that when we sell it will improve our volume portfolio if we want to grow the business and if we want to grow the volume and increase the volume in this country," he said.

He said currently they are supplying to a number of clients in the country including Morobe Mining Joint Ventures (MMJV), K92 mine, RD Tuna cannery and a few others.

He added that they are also looking at extending to other centres in the country including Madang, Rabaul and probably the highlands in the next five years as they already have one office operating in Lae.

"We are now looking at a solution as for most mining companies there are no proper waste procedures meaning they cannot get rid of the waste oil even with the current suppliers that will be one of our biggest challenges as to how we will find the solutions for them."

"One of the challenges also is the supply logistics for some of them because of shipping and the lead to time of production and so forth," he said.

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