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Ramu Nickle Mine told to Improve pipeline

 MINING Minister Byron Chan has requested the operator of the Ramu Nickel mine in Madang to make further improvement on its pipeline integrity and monitoring systems.
Chan, while commending the miner for its immediate action to fix a leaked pipeline at Igiruwe in the Usino local level government about 29.5 kilometres from the Kurumbukari mine, said Ramu Nico should ensure that such incidents were not repeated.
“I am informed that on the March 1, a slight slurry splash from an underground leaking pipe was sighted by locals at Igiruwe,” Chan said.
He said the pipe leakage was reported to the company’s pipeline team on March 2.
Chan said when the pipe was eventually dug out, slurry spewed into the air and onto nearby gardens and main road.
“The pipeline team was able to control the leakage and pushed all the slurry to the Basamuk refinery. The pipeline was eventually flushed down with water and cleaned.
Chan said the slurry pipeline was returned to normal operations on March 4.
He commended MCC for its quick responds
“I commend MCC for its immediate attention to fixing the leaked pipeline and also the support and cooperation of the local leaders,” he said.  Chan said inspectors from the Mineral Resource Authority would investigate the integrity of the pipeline and to verify claims of ground movement and general geotechnical instability along the route of the slurry pipeline.  
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