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Barrick focuses on improving efficiency

 THE operator of the Porgera mine in Enga, Barrick Niugini Ltd, says it is focused on improving efficiency and reducing cost to ensure it remains cost-effective and productive.
It was responding to questions from The National regarding what 2016 holds for the mine as global metal prices remained inconsistent.  
“The prevailing view across the industry is that the coming year will see a continuation of the challenging economic conditions that have impacted resource in recent times,” the company said in a statement.
“In anticipation of those challenges, Barrick (Niugini) Ltd remains highly focused on improving the efficiency and reducing operation cost at the Porgera Operations to ensure the mine remains as cost-effective and productive as possible.
“We have an ongoing strategy for continuous strategy and development of our workforces along with strong focus on safety, operational and environmental excellence which will ensure that PJV operates efficiently during these challenging times.”
It said the drought late last year created some minor challenges with regards to mine drainage in the Pogera mine complex but mining engineers were addressing these issues to good effect and production levels are expected to increase again soon.
The company says law and order issues, including illegal mining, continued to be a challenge for the mine.
A Government taskforce deployed to Progera had been having a positive impact on law and order situation in recent months, it said.
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