Ramu Nickel Miner acquires monitoring device

The developers of the Ramu Nickel project in Madang have acquired a device which will assist it to conduct checks on its deep sea tailing placement disposal (DSTP).

The Remote Operating Vehicle (RVO) will also enable it to report to its stakeholders on a timely basis.

The ROV was purchased from SEABBOTIX Australia Ltd at the cost of US$94,290m (K276,510m) following recommendations from a sea-expert. "The device will enable the company to better meet the National Government’s environment regulatory compliance under the Operational Environment Management Plan (OEMP)," the company stated.

Its acquisition the company will no longer have source experts from abroad to conduct its DSTP checks. The ROV is deployed into the water body commencing at DSTP Mixing Tank tailings outlet pipe and along the 150m DSTP Pipeline right down to where the tailings falls off into the ocean floor.

With the ROV pilot’s control, the equipment travels along capturing images and records what is in front of the video camera and sound device which are mounted to the ROV. Data captured are normally downloaded off from the ROV at the end of the operation for consumption.

Meanwhile a ROV data acquisition training was conducted at Basamuk Refinery recently where a hands-on practical training session was part of the second quarter DSTP inspection activity for 2015.
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