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Nickel project in Papua New Guinea gets approval

THE Ramu nickel  and cobalt project in PNG has been given approval for its operational environment management plan by Conservation Environment and Protection Authority director Gunther Joku.
The company said Joku granted the approval “upon the developments achieved since the interim plan approval in 2011”.
Since 2011, the project based in Madang had been tasked to work on the plan for its operation but on a renewal basis. The plan contained all the requirements to be implemented during the project construction and production phase to protect the environment.
“Up to Aug 18, 2015, the environment team wrote to Michael Wau of CEPA seeking long-term approval for the OEMP for the Ramu NiCo project.
“The granting of the final approval now places the Ramu NiCo project to confidently implement all the environment protection requirements starting from its KBK Mine to Basamuk Refinery, including the 135km slurry pipeline.
“During the interim OEMP approval in 2011, the company had undertaken commissioning and ramping up of the project to its full production in the KBK mine, the pipeline and the Basamuk Refinery operations for over two years.”
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