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PNG welcomes new LNG project

 PGN Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has welcomed the decision by Total SA and venture partners to proceed with the Papua LNG project.
Negotiations will continue to ensure that gas not only derives export income, but  provides a strong direct input to economic development through downstream industries and electricity production.
“The third train of LNG is the next major economic development project for our nation, and will employ 10,000 workers in the construction phase,” he said.
“Most of the workforce will be Papua New Guineans. And as we saw with the PNG-LNG construction, it will provide a major boost to skills and capacity in our workforce.
“We have to keep moving forward with the next phase of this project, as agreed with  Total and partners, so that we reach project milestones on time and the economic benefits of the project can be realised.
“Very importantly there will be ongoing negotiations to ensure clear national benefits from each stage of the process are shared with Papua New Guineans.
“We have to ensure that the people of Papua New Guinea have the opportunity to use our gas for domestic economic activity.
“A national petrochemicals industry has great potential for our nation, and we want to improve our own energy security by using more of our gas for power generation.”
“The next two years will see work underway that will include social mapping and land identification studies, societal impact assessments, and the finalisation of construction requirements.”
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