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Authority reveals mapping sheets uncover gold deposits in PNG

THE two geological map sheets put together by the PNG's Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) for Wau, Morobe, indicated gold deposits in some new areas, manager geological mapping Dulcie Saroa says. 
The mapping was carried out by MRA geologists.
“There are known gold deposits in the work area like the Hidden Valley Gold project and there’s others and by analysing data in those areas, we have identified new potential areas for prospective gold where companies can now use these to explore for gold.
“From the data that we are providing, there is opportunity to do nickel exploration or those other minerals.” 
She said maps that have been used over the years were produced in 1973.
Saroa added there was evidence of more volcanic activity in the areas as well.
“It (information on volcanic activity) was not found previously so we managed to find some information and did some analysis on that.” Mining Minister Byron Chan said it was anticipated that with step MRA had taken, new mineral prospects may be discovered quicker.
“And in the long run reduce the time it takes to develop mines in the country,” Chan said. 
“Prospecting companies would not take longer to go into pre-feasibility or feasibility stages. All data sets will now be provided upfront by MRA through this approach.
“I sincerely hope the industry will appreciate the work that the Mineral Resources Authority is doing through this project, and will provide the support to our national geologists and other geo-scientists when they come around to work in their respective areas.” 
Meanwhile, Saroa said mapping projects for this year would be in Goilala area.
“We expect to go out to the field for the Goilala field work end of this month (July). And we should have the map out by the end of December this year,” she said. The National
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