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Gold mine resumes operations

NEWCREST country manager Peter Aitsi says a disruption to mine operations on Lihir Island, New Ireland, last Saturday has been restored.
Aitsi was responding to the placing of gorgors by landowners on the island to stop work at the mine.
The Mineral Resources Authority had earlier said the power to stop mining operations was solely its responsibility and any action outside that would be deemed illegal.
“A temporary disruption to operations at Lihir was experienced on Saturday while a dispute between some sections of the community and other stakeholders was being addressed,” Aitsi said.  
“The plant was scaled down for approximately 36 hours. Operations will scale back up this evening (yesterday). 
 “The temporary disruption was well managed by Lihir Gold Limited through safe, responsible and phased shutdown of operations under the PNG Mine Safety Act. 
“The sustainability of the Lihir Gold Mine must be secured if it is to continue to provide long-term benefits to all stakeholders including the host community.”

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