Ramu NiCo Miner emphasises safety requirements

CONTRACTORS to the Ramu NiCo Management (MCC) in Madang Province in Papua New Guinea have been encouraged to provide a safe and healthy work place for their employees during their operations at all times.

Vice president of Ramu NiCo Management (MCC), Wang Baowen emphasised this yesterday during his address to landowner company representatives during induction training at the company’s operation base in Madang.

Mr Wang urged that all contractors to the Ramu Project must adhere to every aspect of the company’s health, safety and environment standards and requirements.

Ramu Nickel Project landowner contracting companies who attended the safety induction training were KBK Limited, Wass Matau Limited, Raibus Engineering, Raibus Security and Maigari Limited.

KBK Limited represents landowners from the Kurumbukari area in Usino-Bundi, Wass Matau represents coastal landowners in Rai Coast, Maigari Limited represents the inland pipeline landowners, while Raibus Engineering and Raibus Security are subsidiaries of an umbrella landowner company called Raibus Limited.

The safety induction was organised by the Community Affairs Department of Ramu NiCo and facilitated by its HSE Department.

Mr Wang said he understands that most of the landowner companies have come into existence for only a short time since Ramu NiCo began, however, it is very important that these contractors abide by the safety standards requirements.

He also emphasised on contractors having knowledge on applying rules of PPE (personal protection equipment) SOP (Standard operating procedures) and safety’s golden rules and other safety standard requirements.

Mr Wang said in the next half year Ramu NiCo plans to conduct training courses and invite landowner company representatives to attend.

He also thanked contractors and landowner companies for their continued support and understanding during these tough and challenging times facing Ramu NiCo during the current slump in world metal price.

Training facilitator from Ramu NiCo HSE Department Raymond Managi, said the health safety and environment objective of Ramu NiCo is to provide a safe and healthy work place for its workforce, contractors and visitors in all activities associated with the company.

He added that although Ramu NiCo has a responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work place, it is the contracting company’s responsibility to identify hazards, report it and find ways to eliminate or control them.

Landowner company representatives all agreed that at the end of the induction they will all nominate a representative from their organisation to attend further training on HSE. That person appointed will liaise with Ramu NiCo HSE department in all HSE matters. PNG Today /Post Courier
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