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NauticAWT Energy Solution opens office in Papua New Guinea

 PETROLEUM engineering firm NauticAWT Energy Solutions has opened their office in Papua New Guinea.
The Singapore-based group, provides contracting and engineering solutions to oil and gas industries around the world.
The opening of their office in the country followed the recent merging of Nautic Group and AWT International to NauticAWT.
Executive director and senior vice president Simon Cunningham said that the merger enabled the group to expand their market base to other countries in the world and especially in PNG
“We now have access to the markets with 11 offices all around the world,” Cunningham said.
“With the market, we are branching out to hotspots and PNG is a very good market at the moment with the current developments taking place with the oil and gas industries in the country.
“At this moment PNG and Mexico are very good markets that are growing and that is what the merger is all about.
“The oil and gas resources in PNG have the potential to significantly influence the sector in Asia Pacific and create long term benefits for the people of PNG, it’s an exciting time and we are keen to increase our presence and build on the work we have done to date - we are here to provide solutions.
“We do hope to establish and grow a viable partnership with our clients here and the merging gives us the opportunity to do so.”
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