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Italian Company wins Nautilus contract

NAUTILUS says the order for the company’s cargo handling equipment to be used on its production support vessel has been awarded to Italian-based supplier, Bedeschi SPA.
Chief executive officer Mike Johnston said: “We are excited to be building relationships with such a long established and reputable world class supplier to the global port and shipping industries as we work toward the completion of our first vessel.”
The cargo handling system will be used to load dewatered material into four storage holds.
It was designed to recover material from storage holds and transfer it directly to a vessel for shipment to China.
Using the Bedeschi system will mean a reduction of costs associated with material handling from that originally expected for such costs. In addition, the system will eliminate need for multiple handling of
material, which improves the safety of marine operations around the vessel.
Two Nautilus’ robotic machines, which will be used during the mining phase have been completed and are going through factory acceptance testing.
These are the Bulk Cutter and the Auxiliary Cutter.
The last of the three, the collector machine is near completion and will go through the process of factory acceptance testing sometimes mid this year.
Official mining of the deep seabed starts in 2018.
Last year, the PNG Government confirmed its participation in the Solwara 1 Project.
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