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PNG Mining Minister to present in parliament ‘three key mining policies’

MINING Minister and Namatanai MP Byron Chan is expected to present three key proposed mining policies in the next parliament session this month.
These guidelines include sustainable mining development, involuntary resettlement and geothermal out of a list of six keys under the proposed changes to the Mining Act 1992.
This follows a consultative meeting held recently between Chan, Chief Secretary Sir Manasupe Zurenouc and State Working Group comprised of senior officials from the Department of Mineral Policy and Geohazards Management and Mineral Resources Authority in consultation with Industry Working Group – PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum.
The World Bank sponsored mining review looked at reviewing key areas of the long overdue 1992 Mining Act following wide regional consultations last year which includes:

  • Mining Act regulations;
  • mining (safety) act regulations;
  • sustainable mining development policy;
  • involuntary resettlement policy;
  • mine closure policy; and,
  • Geothermal and off-shore mining policy.
Chan urged the State and the Industry Working Group reviewing the 1992 Mining Act to be committed in order for the draft mining act can be concluded on time.
“This is so that the government knows where we are in terms of mining policy review and the way forward,” he said.
Both working groups said work on the draft mining policy had considerable progress despite minor hiccups with three policies including mining development, involuntary resettlement and geothermal have being completed for the minister to table in Parliament.
The remaining three policies such as the off-shore mining, mining (safety) act regulations and mine closure policy would be concluded next March along with the overall Mining Act regulations.
Chan said he would present these policies to Parliament prior to the mining conference in Sydney next month to give direction on the government’s mining policies.
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