Newcrest Mining presents plan

NEWCREST Mining, on Lihir, New Ireland, has presented its three year training plan to the Department of Labour and Industrial Relations.

The document was part of Newcrest’s reporting requirements under its licencing and permitting arrangements with the PNG Government through the Labour and Industrial Relations Department.

The report was presented to the department’s representatives at Newcrest’s Port Moresby office.

It was received by a team from Labour Department, led by Mr Constantine Rangou.

In marking the occasion Mr Tavil reaffirmed Newcrest Lihir’s commitment to training and localisation of its workforce.

"I am pleased to present this update of our three-year training plan to the Department of Labour, I believe it provides a clear outline of our human resource requirements for the next three years."

As required by the department, an updated training and localisation plan needs to be provided by organisations every three years.

In receiving Newcrest Lihir’s presentation, Mr Rangou said: "I commend Newcrest Lihir for the presentation of their updated plan, we look forward to receiving further updates in due course."
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