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36 exports so far from Ramu Nickel mine

RAMU NiCo Management Ltd said it has done 36 shipments to markets in China since it started production two years ago.
The main product from its Basamuk refinery is mixed hydroxide precipitate (MHP).
The miner said: “It contains valuable metals and other impurities as well. In valuable metals nickel is 10% while cobalt is 1%. In the other constituents, moisture is 70%, impurity metals such as aluminum, chromite, calcium, manganese, copper, iron, magnesium and zinc amounts 3%, sulfate radical is 5% and hydroxyl radical is 12%.
 “Currently the main market is in China and Ramu NiCo is trying to develop into international markets (India and Australia) to expand its sales channels.
“However, as Ramu NiCo is still on the way to reaching its nameplate capacity of 100% in 2015 as planned, there is no revenues so far.
“At the moment, the company is at 50% nameplate production and operates on loss.
 “MHP is used for refining nickel, 60% of all nickel is used to make stainless steel.
“Nickel plays several different roles in technologies that have revolutionised the way in which humans communicate, such as mobile phones, laptops and other wireless gadgets. Besides, nickel alloys in batteries of hybrid cars or in the turbines of jet engines enabling us to get from place to place.
“In essence, the demand for nickel is high if the products that use nickel are high in demand.”
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