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Talisman’s graduate programme for PNG locals

GAS concern Talisman has brought opportunities such as the graduate development programme for the locals to enhance their skills in the liquefied natural gas (LNG) operation to PNG.
Speaking during a recent seminar in Port Moresby, Talisman PNG operations vice-president Grant Christie said the company needed partnership in order to bring special skills together.
Christie said Talisman had brought international standards of work and new technologies to PNG since its operation in 1994.
“Talisman PNG operation also brings opportunities such as our graduate development programmes, which would see PNG graduates being sent overseas to do their studies and enhance their skills in the LNG sector.
“We also buy product from the community to help the locals earn a living,” Christie said.
He said their main objective was to keep relationship with the government.
“If the PNG government needs assistance in some of their work, we are happy to lend a hand and if we (Talisman) needed help, then they can support us,” Christie said.
“We have been working closely with the government because without the PNG government’s support, all the work will not progress as planned,” he said. 
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