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PNG ORO Governor against Seabed Mining

ORO Governor Gary Juffa has strongly supported the opposition to seabed mining by Nautilus in New Ireland.
Juffa said the Government’s continuous failure to listen to the people was causing much agitation and anger. 
He said Nautilus was already taking samples in the waters of New Ireland and the Government was making no efforts to verify if the samples taken were for mining purposes.
“The majority of people in the coastal areas affected have adamantly opposed this project. Many leaders have opposed it,” he said. 
Juffa said there was substantial evidence that seabed mining would have significant negative environmental consequences. Yet the company is allowed to do as it pleases. 
“How inhumane and outrageous,” he said.
“If the people feel they are not protected, I guarantee that a time is coming when enough will simply be enough and situations such as the Bougainville crisis will occur. 
“After all, this is what we are elected to do, to listen to our people and take on board their concerns and act on their behalf.”
Juffa said leadership was about not only building roads and bridges but also listening to the people.
“They gave parliamentarians the mandate to do exactly that. So do it,” he said.
“I am saddened to see that many leaders say one thing and do the complete opposite.
“Many leaders have strayed from their election promises and are now building little empires and have forgotten their people.”
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