PNG's Geophysical Observatory gets funding

 A SUM of K1.5 million was presented by the Papua New Guinea Mining Ministry to the Department of Mineral Policy and GeoHazards Management (DMPGM) for the upgrading of their Port Moresby Geophysical Observatory (PMGO) infrastructure.

PNG Mining Minister Sir Ano Pala commissioned the funding during a ceremony at the DMPGM headquarters in Port Moresby on Friday.

He said out of all the departments under the Mining Ministry, the DMPGM was one that had “used funds wisely and successfully”.

“You have done your part well in being the top performing department under the Mining Ministry and have put the funds to good use,” Sir Ano said.

“In fact your work enables me as the minister, with the information provided by you, to be better at my job.

“So you are more important to me.”

Sir Ano said it was important for leaders to acknowledge departments and public servants that they worked with.

He said the main task of an MP was to help government systems realise the people’s aspirations.

Sir Ano commissioned the Government’s capital investment project (CIP) funding of K1.5 million to the geophysical observatory as support the ministry has allocated to the DMPGM for their infruasture development.

In 2019, the Government approved the initial funding of K1.2 million for the extension and renovation of the PMGO building.

In 2021, PMGO received CIP funding of K1 million to continue the infruasture upgrade.

DMPGM secretary Harry Kore said Pala was the first minister to visit their office.

He said it was crucial that the infrastructure that supported the monitoring programmes were maintained and enhanced.

Kore said that continuous instrumental monitoring together with visual observations were crucial for the dissemination of reliable information to the relevant government authorities, communities and the public who were at risk.

“Having the necessary monitoring instruments complemented with supporting infrastructure helps us function effectively.

“This upgrade, although small, will contribute towards achieving our vision and mission which is aligned with Vision 2050.”

The infrastructure upgrades will include the Konedobu PMGO building and an underground monitoring station in Port Moresby.

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