Petroleum firm TotalEnergies commits to safeguarding environment in PNG

 TotalEnergies, operator of the Papua LNG project in Gulf, has pledged its support towards caring for the environment it is operating in.

This was highlighted  during a visit to Port Moresby Nature Park by the staff, including the company’s senior vice-president Julien Pouget, who is in the country for a visit.

TotalEnergies’ commitment to care for the environment was sealed in a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between the company and Nature Park.

Its purpose is to:

  • COOPERATE with the Nature Park in developing scientific research and related programmes in relation to native amphibians in PNG (frog husbandry and frog genome collection);
  • PARTICIPATE in enhancing local capacity development and best practices in biodiversity conservation generally;
  •  SHARE scientific results from TotalEnergies facilities biodiversity survey, consultation meetings, seminar; and,
  •  SUPPORT sponsorship for Nature Park’s work in PNG.
  • Pouget said: “At the same time when our project is restarting very fast, it was also very important that we confirm this cooperation.
  • “We are celebrating World Environment Day. Last year it was about carbon.
  • “This year it is about biodiversity. For the project, biodiversity is key for the communities to participate, especially in PNG which is one of the richest in terms of biodiversity.”
  • Nature Park’s interim chief executive officer Kelsey Engle acknowledged the partnership, highlighting the value it would add to the work they were doing.
  • “It is absolutely fabulous to have that commitment and intent for conservation for biodiversity,” Engle said. “We are so grateful for having partners like (TotalEnergies).
  • “Nature Park would not exist and fulfil its mission of being guardians of PNG’s flora and fauna without such partnerships.”
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