Updated system helps ExxonMobil gain insight into workforce

 AS part of ExxonMobil PNG (EMPNG) Limited’s commitment to building national content and enabling the full contribution of the Papua New Guinean workforce, EMPNG has updated its reporting processes to include national content data from an additional 11 third-party contractor organisations.

According to its 2021 environment and social report, the categorisation of data was also improved to gain better insights into workforce trends and contractor opportunities.

“These enhancements will help EMPNG and contractors optimise the tracking and stewardship of national content performance metrics and initiatives that are intended to support economic development in PNG,” the report said.

“At the end of 2021, the PNG LNG workforce was 3,339 workers, of which 2,978 were Papua New Guinean citizens. This included EMPNG employees and personnel from 25 third-party contractor organisations working on production related activities. Women comprised 19 per cent of the PNG workforce.”

The reported added that around 45 per cent of the PNG workers were of local origin proximate to PNG LNG facilities, while 25 per cent were of regional origin from provinces where PNG LNG operated, and 30 per cent originated from other areas of the country.

“Papua New Guineans now comprise 82 per cent of operations and maintenance technician roles with EMPNG. All operations lead roles at the LNG Plant are occupied by PNG technicians. In addition to creating employment opportunities and increasing the skills of the workforce, EMPNG contributes to the nation’s economy.”


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