PNG PM Marape tells Illegal miners in Porgera to stay out

PNG  PRIME Minister James Marape has told illegal miners in Porgera, Enga, to stay out of the Porgera mine.

“The illegal miners continue to lose their lives,” he said.

“They need to stay out of the Porgera mine area.”

Marape said the police and military would continue to have a presence in the area as the Government planned to re-open the mine by Sept 16.

He said the new Porgera mine would operate in an environment free of illegal activities which was the resolution for Paiam township and the mine. Marape admitted that there were instances of lawlessness in the area and this was the reason for the military and police being stationed in the province to protect assets and ensure peace and order.

He commended local landowners for working with the Government on the lease for mining purposes (LMP), environmental affected areas and special mining lease (SML) and following the Mineral Resources Authority process to come under a formal structure.

“We continue to re-confirm those who are beneficiaries in the SML area and we will be expanding to embrace the other LMP areas,” he said.

Marape said the Government had put more police and military presence in the district to ensure safety.

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