Customers in PNG, Australia backs Mayur

 THE Mayur Resources Ltd has received letters of support from customers in PNG and Australia, for up to 266,000 tonnes per annum of quicklime and hydrated lime products, according to the company.

Customers in PNG, Australia  backs Mayur

This include blue chip end users and traders from the company’s Central Cement and Lime project near Port Moresby.

Mayur also received a formal expression of interest to supply up to 700,000 tonnes per annum of high-grade limestone to a large end-user in the Pacific.

On a combined basis, the 266,000 tonnes represent around 67 per cent of the 400,000 tonnes of quicklime capacity planned for phase 1 of the project.

Chief operating officer of Mayur’s lime and cement business, Trent Alexander, said industry participants throughout the Australasia region recognised the project’s value proposition.

“Mayur’s project offers a large, high-quality limestone resource and an advantageous coastal location enabling the production of competitively priced products,” Alexander said.

“This is a clear indication of market demand in the region where customers are actively seeking new sources of superior lime products to diversify their supply chains.”

Statement/The National . Pacific Mining Watch 

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