PNG Government to regulate alluvial mining

 SMALL-scale alluvial mining in Papua New Guinea  will be regulated because the impact on the environment, health and safety of the people is great, an official says.

PNG's Mineral Policy and Geohazards Management Department acting deputy secretary Winterford Eko said people should be aware of the effects of a particular activity.

PNG Government  to regulate alluvial mining

“The Government policy is that the landowners can participate in mining but health and safety of the people must also be looked after,” he said.

“When they get alluvial mining licence, at least go to Wau School of Small-Scale Mining that is operated by Mineral Resources Authority.

“At least get a certificate that tell us that you have a fair idea about conducting that particular activity.

“We need to also regulate for the health and safety of miners,” he said.

Eko said small-scale alluvial miners were villagers and their lives and environment need to be protected.

“Alluvial mining is also included in the newly drafted Mine and Works (Safety and Health) Bill 2021 to address the safety and health aspects of the people and the environment.

“The Bill also covered downstream mineral processing and is in line with the Government’s initiative to encourage gold bullion bank.

“We are so richly blessed as a country with resources.

“Most of the minerals are exported, then refined, processed and sold back to us.

“So we are looking at downstream processing of our minerals.”


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