Wafi-Golpu Joint Venter pledges to follow due process to acquire lease

 THE Wafi-Golpu Joint Venture (WGJV) will follow due process until its application on special mining lease 10 is granted, an official says.

WGJV principal community engagement adviser David Masani said this during the company’s various scheduled consultations with communities who would be affected by the K18.4 billion gold-copper project.

Masani said the problem now was that people were using mainstream and social media to talk about the benefits and processes.

“Our province is jumping ahead in the process, talking about benefits, businesses and contracts,” he said.

“We are not following due process; the mandated process by the government.”

Mineral Resource Authority representative Moses Mambu clarified that the environmental permit was one part of a longer process.

“An environment permit does not mean the company can now develop this project,” he said.

Mambu said the application for SML 10 submitted in August 2016 was still with the Government and would go through a rigorous process before it was granted.

For this to happen, a mining development contract will be signed, a memorandum of agreement (MoA) will be established between the national, provincial and local level governments, the landowners and WGJV through a developmental forum.

“This agreement is yet to eventuate,” he said.

“And two key benefits to be discussed under this agreement are royalties and equity.

“These are only for people living along the pipeline footprint, SML area or the tailings outfall.”

Mambu said two other agreements to be reached were the fiscal stability agreement and State equity acquisition agreement.

“Such things are to be considered before granting the SML,” he said.

“Once granted, the SML now gives company exclusive rights to commence construction on the project.”


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