Panguna Mine key target for Bougainville's Economy Development

 The new Autonomous Bougainville Government will have a specific targeted plan to grow its economy and Panguna mine will be a key target according to Bougainville President Ishmael Toroama.

President Toroama said, even though Panguna mine will be a key target, the new government will also be looking at other medium project ideas in mining, agriculture, fisheries and tourism that will create employment and generate revenue for Bougainville.

Foreign Investments will be welcome on the shores of Bougainville given the reasons that without outside funding and technology, Bougainville may not be able to exploit its natural resources.

President Toroama further clarified that this will come with expectations of fair share and participation in the form of shareholding or equity in large scale projects.

This also means the medium to small enterprise sector must be controlled by the people.

The new government will also be looking at relevant policies of making this happen under an overall new Economic Development Plan.


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