PNG's Porgera Gold Mine Landowners hit back at Govt

The Papua New Guinea  Porgera Landowners Association has hit back at the National Government for granting the Special Mining Lease at the Mine in Enga Province, to Kumul Mineral Holdings Limited, earlier this week, NBC reports

In a gazettal notice issued on Tuesday 25th August, the Head of State Governor General Sir Bob Dadae granted Special Mining Lease Number 11 to Kumul Mineral Holdings Limited beginning that day for a period of 20 years.

Chairman of the Porgera Landowners Association Negotiating team Maso Mangape has described this move as a 'state sponsored land grab' - adding that it is becoming clear the Government is trying to disenfranchise the people of Porgera.

Mr. Mangape says the move to engage KMHl with zero consultation with landowners is 'highly inflammatory in an already volatile situation.'

He says there was not one single visit to porgera valley to gauge peoples views, and they are emotional as they have lost their livelihoods among others.

Mangape says the landowners are now calling for an immediate answer to who will meet their obligations, and that they will be pursuing all available legal avenues to preserve their rights.

Prime Minister James Marape in defense of this move, says he wants to assure the people of Enga and Porgera that the Government will do everything within the laws of the country to re-open the mine.

He says with a hundred percent ownership by the country, this money will be easily injected into the economy.

NBC News / Pacific Mining News

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