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Papua New Guinea Govt Plans to establish deals for small mines

Papua New Guinea MINING Minister Johnson Tuke says it is likely that the Government will focus on establishing memorandum of agreements for small mining operations in the country. Tuke revealed this in Kokopo this week as the Government works towards signing the reviewed memorandum for the Kainantu gold mine in Eastern Highlands. On whether the Sinivit mine in East New Britain would be included in the lists of small mines for review, Tuke said the Sinivit mine was different. He said issues regarding the mine were currently before the court and plans for developing the mine were always there. “Because of the court case, the mine still closed,” Tuke said. Tuke said he had discussed with ENB Governor Nakikus Konga about the Sinivit mine. “He told me about the importance of Sinivit (mine),” Tuke said. “We shared some ideas so hopefully in a few weeks’ time, he can respond to my office and we can take it on from there.” The National/PacificMiningWatch Next : PNG Govt yet to transfer Bougainville Copper Limited Shares
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