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PNG's Morobe Provincial govt launches ILG taskforce team for Wafi-Golpu Mine Project

PNG's Morobe government has launched the integrated land group (ILG) taskforce team to work with landowners near the Wafi-Golpu project. The 22-member team is headed by chairman Ralph Saulep. Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu said it was important for landowners to know that their government was behind them to see mining get off the ground. “The purpose of the ILG task force team is to assist landowners in the three impact districts to form incorporated land groups recognised by law,” he said. “They will have the protection of the law because they are incorporated, but integrated land groups do not carry the complex rules that companies have under the Company’s Act 1997. “We are convinced that through the ILG registration process, we will achieve many things which are critical to meaningful participation which includes identifying and recording the names of traditional landowners, recording landowners land boundaries, assisting them to register their land through ILG incorporation, collecting data on villages and their populations. “ILGs must be formed first and then associations. “Without the ILGs, the associations will not be effective mouthpieces of the people.” Next : K92 Mining hails employees in PNG
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