PNG Parliament passes Amendment Bills for Mineral Sector - A pathway to Economic Independence

In just one year in the office,Papua New Guinea ,44f has witnessed parliament under Marape-Steven Government passed new laws and making amendments to the existing (outdated) laws for greater course. Laws such as ICAC Bill and Whistle Blower Act.

Today, Parliament has historically passed two very important amendment bills (2020) for the mineral sector namely Oil & Gas Act and Mining Act. The amendments will increase the State’s ability to secure the best deal from any investors who wants to participate in the oil and gas projects of PNG.

In congratulating the ministers responsible for tabling the bills, Prime Minister James Marape also echoed the vision of the government to pass laws that will guide the nation to economic independence.

“When laws that lead us to economic independence is passed, I know that parliament is doing its job. Government is not only about building infrastructures (so far mostly) from borrowed money.”

“Congratulations to both of my colleagues – Minister for Mining Hon Johnson Tuke and Minister for Petroleum & Energy Kerenga Kua, for bringing the Oil and Gas (amendment) bill and Mining (amendment) bill into law which Parliament passed today.”

Prime Minister James Marape seeks to secure a fair cut on PNG’s resources.

“James Marape can be removed now or into the future but a young group of leaders have emerged and will be around into the future to fight for fair take on country’s resources.”

Prime Minister assures the investors that his government will not break existing contracts but is only asking for a fair share.

“To our investors, as I said in the past. We will not break contracts or agreements or license, be it exploration or development.”

“I can assure our investors that we know you must make money for your shareholders too so we will not be greedy but we are just asking for a fair share, if you want to harvest our resources.”

The economic independence is one of the core visions of Pangu Pati which its leader and Prime Minister James Marape is optimistic to achieve it. Pangu has delivered political independence in 1975 and will deliver economic independence with the support of its coalition partners.

Prime Minister's position is that we (PNG) must not build our economy with borrowed money. We must build our economy with our own money. Hence, parliament passed resource laws and laws on fighting corruption in the space of 12 months (1 year). Not 8 years.

“If not now, then when? If not me, then who?"


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