PNG Govt focuses on four major Mining and petroleum projects

The Papua New Guinea Government is  focusing on four major projects – 
  • Wafi-Golpu, 
  • P’nyang, 
  • Papua LNG 
and Porgera – by September, Prime Minister James Marape says.
During the signing of allegiance agreements with four more political parties to strengthen the coalition he leads, Marape said the Pangu-led Government planned to deliver the four projects before Sept 16.
“Let me signal to all our investors in agriculture, forestry, mining, oil and gas, and tourism (that) politics displayed by numbers decide, and the number has already shifted into the Pangu-led Government,” he said.

“As a Government, we focus on Wafi-Golpu, P’nyang, Papua LNG and we ask Total and Exxon.
“The number we are securing here dispels speculations that might give insecurity to our investors.”
Marape said stakeholders should be given the confidence that Government has the numbers in Parliament but outside.
“The coalition of parties we have here will be campaigning to form government in 2022,” Marape said. Pangu signed a coalition partnership with the United Labour Party, United Resources Party and National Alliance which has given them 63 MPs. On Friday, Pangu signed up the Social Democratic Party, Our Development Party, Country Party and People’s Party.
“We will always have number above 80 and that’s majority we need to pass some of the laws.”
Social Democratic Party leader Powes Parkop said they were small parties but strong members of the coalition.
Our Development Party official Sir Puka Temu thanked Marape for recognising smaller parties.
Country Party leader Chris Haiveta said they had supported Marape as prime minister and would continue to 2022.
People’s Party leader Dr William Tongap said they were happy to stand with Pangu. 

The National/PacificMiningWatch

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